Rent a car at Havana Airport

If you seek for a more independent way to move through Havana, the best option for you is without any doubt to hire a car.

The island of Cuba is a magnificent place to explore in your own and by car you’ll be able to discover its wonders outside the touristic areas.


See attached the available car hire companies in Havana Airport:

- Cubacar: +53 7 2041707
- Rex: +53 7 6426074 / +53 7 2664874
- Havanautos: +53 7 6495764
- Transgaviota: +53 7 2069935

Opening hours: 24 hours.


Find car rental companies in the Arrivals Hall of each airport terminal.

Renting a car in Cuba – Tips and advices

- To be able to drive in Cuba and to hire a car, it is mandatory to possess an IDP along with your local driving permit and your passport. On the other hand, the minimum age to rent a car is of 21 years, 25 years or even 30 years according to the rental firm.
- The rented cars are widely recognizable by a red plate.
- Hitchhiking is a usual practice in Cuba. If you get lost and find a hitchhiker, do not hesitate to pick it up, it will get you directions since it is a local after all. Use your common sense to decide who you will pick up.
- The roads in the island outside the highway tend to be in a poor state and also sings are missing, so it can be quite messing to find your way unless you ask to the locals for directions and avoid driving at night.
- To drive properly in Cuba, you should an experienced driver who is able to handle the manual transmission.
- You should park your car in secured car parks in case your car is damaged. The police could emit a report to present it to the car rental agency.