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Havana Airport Informational Guide to Jose Marti International Airport - HAV - Non Official

Havana Airport Bus

Though traveling by bus can be a great idea, many of the public buses like Viazul, just serve Terminal 1, that means there is no bus service available in the International Terminal 3.

In that sense, it is worth to transfer to Terminal 1 by the free shuttle buses or instead ride a taxi, even though tourists cannot use these services.

See below the available options to transfer by bus to downtown Havana:


By Viazul, a public regulated bus service, you can transfer from Havana Airport to the city center. This public bus service isn’t for tourists, since you cannot pay your ticket in CUC, just in Cuban Pesos. 

Viazul bus station is located in Vedado district, 15 km away from Havana Airport. Get there by taxi


Ride Viazul in the Bus terminal located in Vedado district, in downtown Havana. 


There is no way to pay the fares in CUC since it is only available in Cuban Pesos, so it is not a worthy option to consider for tourists.

Where can I buy my ticket?

You can purchase your ticket at the kiosk located in Arrivals Hall of Terminal 1.

Public buses

By both bus route 12 (Parque el Curita – Galiano y Simon Bolivar) and bus route 16 you can transfer to downtown Havana for a cheap price.


Route 12: Board it in the edge of Havana Vieja, in Santiago de Las Vegas, which is located within a short distance of Havana Airport.

Route 16: Board it nearby Hospital Hermanos Armeijeiras, nearby Santiago de Las Vegas, past the National Hotel. It is also located within a short distance of Havana Airport. 


Since they are public buses and are only used by locals, fares are 1.00 CUP.

Tourists may not be allowed to ride them since payment has to be done in CUP.

Where can I buy my ticket?

Tickets are sold on board to the driver. 

Shuttle buses

Many hotels and guest houses offer to customers door-to-door shuttle buses or taxis to transfer between Havana Airport and the accommodation location. These buses usually stop outside the Arrivals Hall, especially in Terminal 3.